Chronically in Love

When twenty-five year old Jameson and his girlfriend Maddie receive an invite to The Werewolf party, Jameson would rather suffer death by bowel perforation than go to an event most people would kill to attend. Struggling with Crohn’s Disease and life with a new ostomy bag, social obligations are last on his priorities list. When he refuses to go, Maddie begs him to reconsider; since The Werewolf, a nickname given to the mysterious host no one has met, throws epic, themed parties every full moon. The ensuing argument ends in a verbal knockout, and Jameson has no choice but to appease Maddie by attending.

Decked out in Charleston twenties attire, they show up to a scene straight from The Great Gatsby. Swinging Maddie onto the dance floor, Jameson catches sight of a girl in the corner, dodging the advances of an all-too-forward drunk guy. Intrigued, as well as high on painkillers and whiskey, he rescues her, their witty banter turning sour the second he invites her to the group dance. When he presses the issue, she vanishes into the crowd.

Jameson can’t get his mind off of the mystery girl, while Maddie cranks up the “commitment” hints, wanting him to make a decision after four years of dating. Problem is, their age-old argument over biological children ensues, as Jameson doesn’t wish to pass on his genetic illness. As another invitation arrives in the mail, Jameson could see his mystery girl again. Should he stay with Maddie who stuck by him through surgeries and prednisone-induced mood swings, or give it up for a girl who will surely break his heart?

Chronically in Love is a New Adult Contemporary Romance at 77,000 words, which follows a young man juggling life with a new ostomy bag, an old girlfriend, and a sometimes deadly illness. I am currently seeking representation.


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