My Face on Things


Max Wirestone

Of all the strange occurrences that occur on the road to publication, the one that I can least wrap my head around is that apparently my face is going to be printed on physical items.  ie books. This is not a thing that should be happening in the real world. This is the sort of development that belongs in a YA dystopia.

Also, it feels like my face should lower the market value of the objects it is imprinted upon.

“How much is this book,” asks a potential customer, turning it over and observing my scowling visage.

“20 dollars even,” answers the bookseller. “You should get it! It’s an excellent read, and was once described by Devi Pillai as ‘fucking hilarous.'”

“Maybe,” says the costumer, considering the abyss that is my hairline. “How much is one without the author photo?”


“Just this once, let’s go with the upsell.”


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