#pitchslam 35 word pitch critique party


Thanks guys for joining in! Sorry this is last minute. If anyone else sees this and wants to join in late feel free. Just tweet me your link, and if you need to email me your pitch in order for me to create a post on my page, my email is cooperkpaul@gmail.com.

I promise I will get to these soon, but I promised my teenage son I would take him to deposit his first check. Doing that know and will return soon. Can’t wait to critique!

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters Literary Fiction by Margaret Riley: http://wp.me/p4qNe4-7M

Necessity YA fantasy by Lana Wood Johnson: http://t.co/F6lYF3lXX8

MISSION X YA sci-fi by Kathrine Zahm: http://wp.me/p4qNe4-7A

The Illumination Query sci-fi/fantasy by Sarah Baethge: http://wp.me/p4qNe4-7D

Rowdy Days of Dom Sanders upper MG Contemp by E.G. Moore: http://wp.me/p4qNe4-7I



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