#PitchSlam #NoQS Critique Party


Bonjour ya’ll! Looks like we are the early twitter birds who are eager to revise our pitches! I’m looking forward to giving and receiving feedback, because I don’t know about you, but I’m super amped for these contests. Thank you so much for joining in the fun, and it’s lovely to meet all of you. Best of luck in these contests, and I hope the feedback helps.

If anyone cares to join in late or just wants to critique, feel free. I’ve got my pumpkin chai tea and am ready to dive in!

Jin in Time by Anne Van: http://wp.me/p4qNe4-7n

Necessity by Lana Wood Johnson: 

The Illumination Query by Sarah Baethge: http://wp.me/p4qNe4-6L

The Scientist and the Savant by MVB: http://wp.me/p4qNe4-70

ROTHBART by Kathleen S Allen:  http://kathleensallen.weebly.com/blog *Kathleen is mostly seeking help with her query.

Mission X by Kathrine Zahm: http://wp.me/p4qNe4-77

Thanks again for joining!


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