Pre #PitchSlam and #NoQS Critique Party Deets


Has the transmission reached you? #PitchSlam is coming, and all systems are a go October 4th. If you don’t know what #PitchSlam is, hop on over to @Tangynt’s info dump… 

On #pitchslam’s heels is #NoQS (Nightmare on Query Street), being held by none other than our thunderous threesome, Michelle (@Michelle4Laughs), Michael (@RavenousRushing), and SC (@SC_Author). The submission window for this opens October 15. Follow the link for details.

How polished are those pitches? Have you been staring at your query until it turns into a black and white blur? Have you hacked your first 250 into itty bitty unrecognizable pieces?

Never fear, a critique party is here!

By 9.26, for those interested, you will create blog posts for your 35 word pitch, query, and/or first 250 (depends on what you want help with-all 3 is fine!), and send me the link via twitter or email. Stress not if you don’t have a blog! I will create blog posts for those of you who are blog-less on mine (cachettedekat), and make links for them.

I will compile these links into one blog post, so this way blog hopping should be a breeze!

On 9.27 I will post the blog to these links, and the party may be begin! Let’s all get involved and help each other out, remaining professional with our critiques in the comments section of the blog posts. Hopefully our mutual input will help at least some of us make it past auditions and into the agent round!

Are you excited? I know I am! Just finished polishing my second MS ever this week and am ready to get that baby on the stage and trick or treating down Query Street. 🙂

Tweet me if you’re interested! @KZahm.

For the blog-less, you can email me your pitches at

Can’t wait to meet you!


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