Maybe You’re Too Stressed Out

Crohnically Ill

Ranking up there with “you don’t look sick” is “maybe it’s stress.” I really wish it were that simple. I have a physiological problem that causes debilitating symptoms, has required multiple surgeries, and cause multiple complications that nearly killed me. Stress does not do THAT. I’m not mental. Stress doesn’t help, but it’s not the cause of my flare.

Again, this comment makes me feel as though I’m not taking every measure possible to take cafe of my health. No, with all I go through, my health is my top priority. It is, after all, my disease. I should know.

“I know exactly what you’re going through.”

Ok, maybe that’s my least favorite. Seriously? Seriously?!? A person, who shall remain nameless, had a large intestine issue that was resolved with a resection. Said person spent 3 days in hospital, recovered smoothly, and has gone on their merry way with life. However, said person has repeatedly come to me complaining about how hard life is since the resection. Their diet has had to change and it’s hard to run because, and I quote, “everything feels bruised on the inside.” This is one year post op. Laparoscopic surgery, mind you. Again, no chronic illness, no complications. This person is FINE. Do they have any clue what a slap in a face their comments were? (Actually that might have been the goal).

If you’ve read my hospital stories, or if you are an IBD patient, you know. You get it. This is our LIFE. And anyone who comes whining to me about how hard their life is because of some minor stomach issue really gets under my skin.

For those of you who do come to me with “I know this is nothing like what you have to go through, but…” THANK YOU! Thank you for acknowledging it! I will listen all day and dish out advice. I’m incredibly sympathetic. But for those who act like they “get” what I go through or that their minimal situation is somehow exponentionally worse than mine, I just…ugh!

“Maybe it’s something you ate.”

No. Just, no. I’ve had Crohn’s for 10 years. I know what goes down well on my belly and what doesn’t. I’ve got myself figured out, and maybe better than most people my age. Putting the responsibility of an unpredictable disease on my shoulders is frustrating for me. Don’t you think I would control circumstances if I could?

Ok stepping off my soap box before I turn completely negative and stormy.


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