Grilled Salmon

Stepping up

I’m determined to my woo my family over to salmon. For years I’ve heard it’s too fishy and gross, so I haven’t cooked it. But thanks to my mom, I have a trump card to win this war. Let the games begin!

imageAfter brushing on olive oil, I seasoned with garlic salt, pepper, and dill. Then I sliced into serving portions.

imageTell me that doesn’t look tasty already! I grilled over charcoal, adding hickory wood chips just before setting the filets on the grill.

imageI grilled for 6 minutes on one side, flipped it over and grilled for 5 minutes on the other. It all depends on your heat settings and how close the coals are to the grate. My mom suggested 6 per side but by 5 it was ready to come off.

Meanwhile, I worked on the potato salad. I used just a little too much mayonnaise than originally anticipated, but it was still delicious. I peeled and boiled red potatoes (no skins for this Crohnie). Once they cooled, I tossed them with garlic salt, pepper, mayonnaise, relish, bacon bits, a touch of apple cider vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice. I stirred and adjusted to taste.

The smoky, charred salmon and creamy, salty, with a hint of citrus potato salad balanced flavorfully on the palate.

The verdict? They LOVE it! I win! I mean salmon wins! Bon appetit:)

Grilled salmon


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