Fish Tacos

Stepping up



The spring air renders the taste buds to crave light, refreshing, with a hint of citrus flavors. I happened to have a hodge podge of quality ingredients in the fridge, so throwing these fish tacos together for lunch was simple.

I previously grilled cod over a charcoal grill with apple and hickory wood chips to add flavor, so I had a nice, smoky fish as the foundation of my taco. Then I stir-fried corn and a few bacon bits with a champagne-honey vinaigrette I happened to also have sitting around. I placed kalamata olives and goat cheese across the top, drizzling more vinaigrette and some lemon juice to finish off the tacos. I would have preferred to add avocados, but none of mine were ripe yet. Hence the goat cheese, as I felt it would add a nice creamy component to balance the citrus and tie in the smoky flavors. I also wanted to throw some sprigs of mint on there, but my dog has decided my herbs make for a good pee spot. Drat. I still have leftovers so hopefully my avocados will be ready by tomorrow!




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