Cherry-Apple smoked chicken salad

Stepping up

I’m back! Sort of. I literally wrote the menu as my husband drove us to the commissary, pulling ideas out of thin air. After going a week without a menu and winging it as I used to, I remembered why I started this in the first place. If you ever want to see my head explode, just ask me what’s for dinner. I will die. I get asked not just by every child, but multiple times by every child every day. Still need to sweep up the strands of torn out hair on the floor.

We did the big grocery trip, and I posted the menu (this afternoon, which did not help me avoid the dinner question- Charli even texted me from after school practice).

Mike spent the day smoking the chicken with cherry and Apple juice soaked wood chips. Smoking is the key flavor component here. I know it’s a pain and requires time, so if you have it, do it. I mean wow!

We peeled one apple and made the sauce with mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, garlic salt, pepper, and bacon bits. I blended the sauce separately to taste, them added in to taste. The sweetness from the apple cuts into the tartness of the vinegar, adding an extra layer to the smoked flavor of chicken. And bacon is always delicious. It provided a sweet and savory finish on the palette. We served over romaine lettuce, which the kids ended up using like a taco shell and eating all together. For sides, we served apple slices and Italian bread with dipping oils. Well, they got apple slices. I’m still taking it easy on this tummy of mine.

Et voila! I know not everyone can smoke a chicken, but at least put an effort to flavoring the chicken during the cooking process as much as possible. It makes all the difference. Bon appetit!


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