Hunting For Silver Linings

Crohnically Ill, Stepping up

As my Crohnies can sympathize, I just came off a rough weekend of tummy pains, nausea, toilet time, and the like. The past three weeks have been a downhill slide of fatigue and pain, most likely due to a bacteria overgrowth (recurring issue following bowel resection). My poor kids remained cooped inside, bored out of their minds and motherless. Meanwhile I’m hidden in my cave like a miserable hermit.

Today I receive the results of my dog’s biopsy (he just had surgery to resolve a separate issue), and it turns out he has cancer. Can I not catch a break? Not seeming to be petty but my close friends know all the gritty details of my personal life right now and it ain’t pretty. BUT I’m a glass half full kinda gal. Mentality changes everything, and I do have some silver linings in my life.

#1 today was our anniversary; I didn’t remember and my husband wasn’t even mad. He was banking on me not remembering so he could surprise me. Score! PLUS we technically have 2 anniversaries since we got legally married one year and ceremoniously married the next (my surgeries interrupted the ceremony business) so I still have April 6 to make it up to him. Double score!

#2 whilst holed away in my tower, I managed to get 5,000 words into my new story idea that I’ve been internally marinating on for a few weeks. Not a total waste of a weekend.

#3 my kids are super thoughtful and sympathetic. I even mustered the strength to demolish John in chess. I am oh so kind.

#4 I get to go to work with some adorable students. Listening to them speak franglais all day is hilarious! “Mme Zahm, est-ce que je peux sharpen my crayon?” Yes, yes you may!

#5 I get to speak French all day. The best moments are when I ask someone a question and all I get is a blank stare, and I’m wracking my brains remembering if I’ve asked in the correct language.

#6 people are very supportive. From my close friends, colleagues, family, and even my facebook and twitter buds, all of you rock!

So what’s your silver lining? Something HAS to be positive in your life, just look! And share with the rest of us via comments:)


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