Wine rack #wino

Stepping up

We collected this piece during our scavenger days. For some reason we catch a thrill when discovering a rare find or weathered piece that can be restored just sitting, abandoned, in someone’s trash pile. The kids dragged me to the site with unbridled eagerness to show me a sturdy, decent looking wine rack. It’s light brown finish curdled my insides, nothing elegant to be found in its exterior.

With a shrug we loaded it up, forming plans to transform it into a bow shelf. Yes, that’s right, a bow shelf. This was also our sharp shooter phase- the summer of target practice, and we needed a place to store all five of our bows. I couldn’t stand that brown, so I did a quick sand to strip the first layer, then covered it haphazardly with an ebony stain. A few hooks later, and we had ourselves storage!

But then we upgraded to a larger house. We could store our bows in our own closets, and we also had room for a nice sized wine rack. And with a little TLC, it could really pop!

Removing the hooks, I got to sanding and staining. But this layer dried unevenly, with stripes of shiny silk black and dull finish. Discouraged, I sanded again. When it looked even, I took a damp towel, wiped it across the surface, and wet sanded repeatedly. My kids quickly got bored and ditched me while I continued to slave away.

Finally, I added the next coat,this one gleaming and shining with perfection. Once it was dry, I finished with a clear lacquer to protect the stain. Et voila! C’est magnifique, n’est-ce pas?


Any excuse to buy more wine!


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