Champagne-vinaigrette magic

Stepping up

So I made this dish for my mom when she came to visit, and she could not stop raving! I don’t know why. I learned my cooking from her, and the sauce I used is similar to her balsamic vinaigrette-same basics, just change a few ingredients. Needless to say, it’s a light meal with food my body can process, which really counts.

First things first- make the vinaigrette! I used 1/3 champagne vinegar to 1 cup evoo. I also used orange zest, the juice of said orange, basil, honey, and ginger. Honey is the trick here, as it cuts the tartness of the vinegar. Once well blended, I poured over the chicken. Heating the pan to medium, I seared off the chicken in this sauce, placing it in a baking pan and cooking it at 420 for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I boiled angel hair pasta (no whole wheat for me- bad for belly!).

Whilst that was going, I chopped carrots and cooked them over medium high heat until they began to soften , turning the heat down to medium low. I salted, then added brandy and honey, allowing it to cook on low for the rest of the time.

I drained the pasta and cooked French cut green beans in the pan, adding the pasta back in and mixing all of it with the vinaigrette. I served onto plates, placing the chicken on top and drizzling with some more sauce. I put the rest of the dressing in a dish and placed on the table in case anyone wanted to add to their plate. Some of my kids love this, but some aren’t fans so I toss lightly. Et voila! Bon appetit!


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