Sick Day

Crohnically Ill

To be fair, this is my first Crohn’s related sick day in about a year, so I guess I’m overdue. My husband think me writing this blog has made me relapse. Yes, because Crohn’s is mental! No, he’s kidding, everyone. He’s seen this thing up close and personal.

Since recovering from my surgeries, my new doctor (will update with separate post) put me back on Cimzia, but added methotrexate to prevent my body from building antibodies to the Cimzia. I picked methotrexate as the counter drug over Imuran, since Imuran makes me feel like an empty shell of a person. I don’t ever plan on being pregnant, so the only risk with methotrexate is nausea. So far, so good. *fingers crossed

My Crohn’s hasn’t flared since then. But since my ileoceceal valve was removed, I struggle with bacteria overgrowth developing and causing issues. But I have a great doctor, so when symptoms arise I call in for the antibiotic and other medicines that keep me comfortable.

Now, about last night. At school yesterday, the nurse clocked my temp at 99.5. Fever is not sympomatic of bacteria overgrowth. Which leaves me going wth.

Am I catching a bug from my students? I do teach first grade.

I tell my crowd to eat left overs and go to bed. I’m asleep by 8, but awake again at midnight. Here come the runs!

Seriously, all night long. Could not physically sleep because of the bathroom. Now medicine kept me comfortable, otherwise I would’ve been a miserable wreck. Not 100% comfortable, but I’m thankful my dr doesn’t mind giving me prescriptions to take the edge off.

A miracle happened at 3am. A sub texted me back saying she could work for me! And on spring picture day no less! I was so relieved to not have to spend the rest of my night stressing over work. I was stressed enough already!

My amazing team got copies, etc. together for me, lifting the weight of that responsibility off my shoulders as well. I got a bit of a nap finally, but the stomach awoke me and the fever is back. Time to medicate again I guess.

I’m worried. I don’t normally get low grade fevers and I don’t feel sick. Not virus sick, anyway. More like Crohn’s sick. Left the poor head nurse a long voicemail about it and how if I don’t get better by next week I’ll call again. It’s just a nagging voice in the back of my head; faint alarm bells whining that it’s happening again. Another flare. Please oh please don’t be another flare.

Well, I can’t possibly know right now. Back to basics for me! Gatorade, you should give all us Crohnies a stipend for 60% of your business:)


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