Herb encrusted steak

Stepping up

For a fancy Saturday night dinner, I decided to cook herb encrusted steak with a brandy cream sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and brandy/honey glazed carrots. Since I feed an army of teenagers, I purchased top blade steaks (sorry, no fillets in our house), Yukon gold potatoes, and baby carrots. I prepped a mixture of herbes de Provence (or whatever you fancy-basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, etc., but I also added coriander to the mix). Now, I only prepared what I needed per steak, with my bottles of seasonings at the ready for the next one.

Once the seasoning was prepped, I salted the steaks and set them aside. I took one steak, pressed both sides into the seasoning, then set it back on the plate. I continued this rhythm of season, press, set aside until all the steaks were done. I let them sit out to cure while I fixed the potatoes and carrots. Once potatoes were peeled, cut, and sitting in boiling water, I started on the carrots.

I sautéed diced carrots in olive oil, adding honey and brandy when they started to sweat. As they softened, I turned the heat back down to low and focused on the steaks.


I drizzled olive oil in the pans and turned the heat to medium. I cooked the steaks five minutes per side, but we have an electric stove top, so the times would be different with gas. Also, I wasn’t going for medium rare as my crew doesn’t prefer this.

I used chicken stock, Italian cheeses (was out of goat, my go to), some butter, and seasonings for the potatoes.

As for the brandy cream sauce, I found it delicious, as did Matt, but it did not receive rave reviews from the rest of the family. They’ve requested a Gorgonzola cream sauce for the next round, so I will post that on the next menu.

I put a 1/2 cup of brandy in the pan and set it on fire. Woohoo! The most fun part of cooking! Shaking the pan gently, I watched with gleeful amusement as the flames died. Then I added a cup of cream, put the pan back on the heat (right, take it off when you set it aflame), and let the cream boil until it thickened up into a sauce. Et voila! Bon appetit!



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