Crispy Flounder, cucumber salad

Stepping up

Much to my daughter’s dismay, I made flounder for dinner. While it no longer induces gag filled sobs, she still treats marine dishes like a cat does water.

Thankfully, the rest of my crew loves fish, and like any loving brother, find great entertainment in watching her stomach each bite.

I find my fish to taste quite delightful, and hope that one day she may come around as it contains many health benefits. For this dish, I seasoned flounder with salt, pepper, coriander, and basil, pan seared it, then baked it at 420 degrees for 20 minutes. I could have done 30 for a crispier dish, but my “army” was starving (save Charli).

For the potatoes, I diced, seasoned with garlic salt, basil, and thyme, and baked in the oven at 420 for 30 minutes (I started them before the fish).

Finally, for the cucumber salad, I peeled and de-seeded one large cucumber, then diced. I know skins are healthier, but they are more difficult for my body to digest, and I’m pushing it even eating fresh vegetables. I halved yellow cherry tomatoes, and tossed both with feta and a red wine vinaigrette.

To make the vinaigrette, I blended 1/3 cup red wine vinegar, 1 cup of olive oil, drizzled some honey and added salt, ginger, and basil. Once well blended, I tasted and adjusted with more vinegar, oil, or honey as needed. When the fish was done, I drizzled some vinaigrette over it and crumbled feta on top. Bon appetit!


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